Bilsom 304L Ear Plug corded disposable, PU foam

Bilsom 304L Ear Plug corded disposable, PU foam

The Bilsom 304L Ear Plug corded disposable offers reliable hearing protection with its high-quality PU foam construction. Designed for comfort and convenience, these earplugs are equipped with a practical cord for easy retrieval and enhanced portability. The disposable nature ensures hygiene and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for various environments where noise reduction is essential. Trust in the Bilsom 304L for a cost-effective and efficient solution to safeguard your hearing in noisy work or recreational settings.

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Bilsom 304L Ear Plugs Corded Disposable offer reliable and convenient hearing protection for various environments. Constructed with high-quality PU foam, these earplugs are designed to conform to the shape of the ear canal, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. The corded design adds practicality by preventing loss and making them easily accessible when needed.

Featuring a disposable design, these earplugs promote hygiene and are ideal for single-use applications. The PU foam material not only provides excellent noise reduction but also enhances wearer comfort during extended use. The bright colour of the earplugs ensures visibility, allowing for quick and easy compliance checks in busy work environments.

With a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) that meets industry standards, the Bilsom 304L Ear Plugs are suitable for a variety of settings, including industrial workplaces, construction sites, and other noisy environments. The corded design promotes convenience and ensures that the earplugs stay within reach when not in use. Provide your customers with a cost-effective and efficient solution for hearing protection with these Bilsom 304L Ear Plugs Corded Disposable.