SABS D59 Flame & Acid Conti Trouser NAVY

SABS D59 Flame & Acid Conti Trouser NAVY

Our SABS D59 Flame & Acid Conti Trouser in NAVY is the ultimate choice for rugged protection in challenging environments. Crafted with precision and in compliance with SABS standards, these trousers offer unparalleled durability and safety. Engineered to resist flames and acids, the navy colour adds a touch of sophistication to the robust design. Elevate your workwear with these high-performance trousers, ensuring both style and safety for professionals in demanding industries.

The SABS D59 Flame and Acid Conti Trouser in Navy is the pinnacle of safety and comfort for industrial professionals. Crafted with precision and adherence to the highest standards, these trousers are designed to provide unparalleled protection in demanding work environments.

Constructed from durable flame-resistant fabric, the trousers offer a reliable shield against open flames and heat, ensuring the safety of the wearer. The navy colour adds a touch of sophistication to the rugged design, making it a versatile choice for various industrial settings.

Featuring acid resistance, these trousers are well-suited for workers exposed to corrosive substances, offering an extra layer of defence against chemical hazards. The conti-style design ensures ease of movement, allowing for flexibility and agility on the job.

Equipped with SABS certification, these trousers meet strict safety regulations, instilling confidence in both the wearer and those responsible for workplace safety. The thoughtful design includes multiple pockets for convenient storage of tools and essentials, enhancing practicality and efficiency on the job.

Ideal for workers in construction, manufacturing, or any industry with potential fire and acid exposure, the SABS D59 Flame & Acid Conti Trouser in Navy is an indispensable choice for professionals prioritising safety without compromising on style or functionality. Elevate your workwear with this premium protective garment, designed to meet the challenges of demanding work environments with confidence and resilience.